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What I Do

Comprehensive marketing services designed to supplement your existing staff resources to efficiently meet your business objectives.

Strategic Planning

Build your comprehensive marketing strategy roadmap

Relationship Marketing

Curating your client relationships through email, social & CRM

Search Optimization

Paid or Organic, optimizing your search is key to success

Content Marketing

Developing your content and distribution strategy.

Digital Media

Training, Analysis Consulting, Planning, or Buying

Marketing Analytics

Develop your own competitive analytics platform


Enhance your online revenue generation strategy.

Social Engagement

Develop your social media plan and build your fan base.

What Our Client Say

Here is the best part of our impressive services

Mark Galvin

Chris is the Vice President of Digital Marketing at Collinson Media and Events. He and I work in separate departments but we interact with each other often. Chris has a very good ability to blend his outstanding knowledge with an approachability that is difficult to find in people with his skill set. He moves easily from conversations about current technology to effective management practices. Seen as one of the smartest people in the organization, Chris was always the “go-to” person for technology initiatives, financial goals and guidance. He complements the sales team by helping them generate new revenue through his personal involvement on sales calls.

Founder & President, ePresence

Jared Degnan

I had the pleasure of working with Chris at Moxie for over two years. In that time, he wasn't just a great account manager but was a dedicated advisor to the client working to match them with the best strategic solutions. He inspires loyalty and performance in his team through not just asking for great work but by leading by example. In multiple strategy engagements that he asked me to be a part of, he worked tirelessly to set the team up for success both during the project and after. The hallmark of Chris' leadership is his advocacy for the work his team does and the potential of the talent he manages. I'm really glad I got the chance to work with him and to help be a part of his vision for client success.

Partner, Digital Advisory - NCR

Katie Bishop Williams

Our digital strategy was more of a digital puzzle before Chris took the lead. Guiding the effort and strategy, Chris took our digital marketing from piecemeal to integrated and we got the results to prove it. He has a strong understanding of today’s digital world, and offers direction grounded in research and methodology for a cohesive plan focused on driving traffic and results.

Executive Director, Dunwoody Convention and Visitors Bureau

Derrick Brown

I have worked very closely with Chris for several years as his client and have found him to be a true business partner. Chris approaches everything with his clients needs in mind and I have found that having him as a resource provided a level of knowledge around recruitment advertising which was missing in the organization. Chris was proactive, strategic and gained an understanding of our business and culture so as to consistently provide Randstad with value in every possible interaction.

Talent Acquisition Executive

Renee Afshar

Chris has an incredible thirst for knowledge and is quick to pick up new concepts and apply them in client situations. I found Chris to be a good strategic thinker with a knack for seeing the big picture of the client issue and being able to offer up solutions that would produce the best results. Chris is also very comfortable with metrics and being able to show ROI.

Senior Associate at Mercer

John Campbell

Chris was a pleasure to work with as a partner. As an integral part of the account management team working to support our employment branding efforts, Chris was always engaged in our business and responsive to my requests. As well, Chris has a knack for seeing through the "noise" of the situation to make recommendations that are creative yet practical and solution-focused.

Head of Talent Management at Cree

Bob Taylor

Chris is a proactive strategic business partner whose industry knowledge has gained him the trust of his clients and his fellow co-workers. He is a true consultant that utilizes the 360 process to deliver value to those within the Bernard Hodes organization and to clients he services directly.

Senior Vice President of Sales at Simply Hired

Mark Rowe

Chris was one of my Hodes Consultants when I was the Executive Director of Recruitment at WellStar Health Systems. I consider Chris to be one of the smartest consultants I've ever worked with. He is truly an expert at his craft; from Metrics and Analytics, to Interactive and Social strategies and recommendations, Chris continuously provided expert advise, value, and results. I would not hesitate in recommending Chris! He will make you better; simple as that!

Director, Recruitment

B. Zachary Bennett

Chris is a great asset to any company. He is a quick starter and is a dedicated employee, working hard for his clients - often including long hours. He is able to tackle strategic big picture thinking while maintaining day-to-day details.

President/CEO at Reformation Productions

Yvett Evans

In the short time that I have reported to Chris, I have grown tremendously as a result of his mentoring and guidance. He is one of the most talented individuals I have ever the pleasure of working for. He demonstrates a sincere desire to see me succeed... truly and amazing manager and individual.

Client Partner at Facebook

Harold Mellor

Chris has helped me be successful for almost ten years – his knowledge of both the recruitment and social media space is unparalleled.

Global Head, Talent Attraction at Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research

John Leech

Chris Rash - Superman, friend, advisor, social networking stud, and all around great guy! Chris has really been great to work with regarding several high level initiatives and always comes through. He listens to the needs or business situation and is then able to provide insight to very creative solutions. - Chris, your the best!

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